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A writer since childhood and an English teacher for 35 years, Chorney has mastered a wide range of genres. Her published books include three novels for adults as well as five colourful children's books, four in English, one in French. 
All of the titles below are available through SaskBooks - Haunted available Sept. 2023
Haunted - A Novel (Released July, 2023)
ISBN 978-0-9939757-9-0
$25.00 CDN + shipping

Filled with characters you might meet at the local Co-op, this novel follows women of all ages bonding in mutual support.

In dire financial straits, Marny Elliot and her young family move from Vancouver to her grandparents’ long-vacant farm in northeastern Saskatchewan, setting in motion a series of events which unravel unsolved mysteries in the community of Deer Creek. What secrets haunt the neighbours? What
really happened to Tera’s missing husband? Where is the wife of the local bootlegger? Why did Marny’s mother leave Deer Creek “mental
ly, physically and spiritually” and vow never to return?
Are there entities at large on the property?

A thoroughly satisfying read that explores the many dimensions of haunting—and healing.

Own The Entire Deer Creek Series

Special Offer!
"I have now finished all three books and loved them all! I enjoy both your writing style and story telling. It was so great how you wrapped up Tera's story in Haunted. Please let me know if (hopefully when) you write another novel. It'll be on my reading list!    --Lisa, Regina, SK
Follow all the threads woven through these stand-alone novels. Find out how Tera is faring since getting out of prison and the story behind Marny's mother's "escape" from Deer Creek. Own all three and/or purchase the set as a gift.

Price:  $65 taxes included, plus FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Canada when you purchase the entire series.
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Conspiracy - A Novel (Released August, 2020)

ISBN 978-0-9939757-7-6

$20.00 CDN + shipping

From an Auction Sale in April to a Fall Supper in October, this novel brings to life one summer of rural situations and relationships.  Joel Weston and his wife Krissy, who moved to the farm five years ago, experience the complexities of rural life and struggle with the consequences of their choices.

When Joel meets Grace, an eighty-year-old farm woman, picking mushrooms in the forest, they form an unlikely alliance, supporting each other through difficult times.
As the story develops, the characters deal with the difference between letting life make decisions for them and saying “yes” to their destinies.

And, by the way, “You can eat all mushrooms, some only once.”


High Plains Book Awards Finalist 2019

Buried - A Novel


$20.00 CDN + shipping

Buried is available at McNally Robinson and SaskMade Marketplace in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Tera Jones McAllen is in prison for murdering her husband Tom. Although convicted by a jury of her peers, Tera claims innocence.

And no body has been found. As Tera talks to a reporter named Sue, the story unfolds, weaving seamlessly between the present and the past: Tera’s experiences as a farm wife in northeastern Saskatchewan over the past 20 years.

This is more than a murder mystery. It is a love story, a story of betrayal and disillusionment, and a statement about rural life. 

Told in the pragmatic voice of Tera, 'Buried' is a testimony to the resilience of rural women.

Children's Books

"A year or so ago, I noticed that a lot of new books in school libraries were about divorce, sibling rivalry, dysfunctional families and so on. Of course, we need to talk about these things, but we also need feel-good stories about families getting along. If all we talk about are the problems, where are the models for getting along?"
  - Ruth Chorney
Tree Song
Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.09.09 PM.png
The Tree Song and Other Poems for Kids to Love
$20.00 CDN + shipping


Publisher: 7Springs Publishing

Written by Ruth Chorney

Illustrated by Jillian Sawyshyn

Equal parts whimsical, reflective and downright goofy, The Tree Song shares a poetic kids-eye view that appeals to all ages. These poems just might change the way you look at the world, and will echo in your mind when you encounter things like trees, snow on branches, spiders, and gingerbread people…

What Did You Draw?


$10.00 CDN + shipping

Publisher: Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing

Written by Ruth Chorney

Illustrated by Nicolas Chorney


Sibling rivalry? Not in this story! Join Danny and his big sister in imaginative play, as they draw pictures and create strange new animals.

This vibrantly illustrated 32-page children’s book is appropriate for ages 2-7. Two-year-olds will love Danny’s questions and artwork; seven-year-olds will enjoy the pictures, humour and creativity as they read it aloud.

Printed in the new FS Me font, designed specifically for legibility for new readers and those with learning disabilities, this feel-good story is a hit with all ages.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.48.53
A Present for Mommy


$10.00 CDN + shipping

Written by Ruth Chorney and illustrated by Jillian Sawyshyn,
'A Present for Mommy' is a vibrantly illustrated rhyming children’s book. 


Chorney and Sawyshyn have teamed up to produce a delightful little story that appeals to any child who ever picked a bouquet of dandelions and to any adult who ever received one, with love.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.49.15
Un cadeau pour maman


$10.00 CDN + shipping

“When Chorney wrote “A Present for Mommy”, her grandson, a French immersion student, said, “Grandma, you should do this in French!” So, she did. And it still rhymes.
Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.46.32

ISBN 978-0-9939757-2-1

$10.00 CDN + shipping

Written by Ruth Chorney

Illustrated by Jillian Sawyshyn

Everyone wants to be a super hero, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Once again, Chorney and Sawyshyn have teamed up to create this exciting, colorful story to help children figure out what their super skills might be. Relevant and appealing, with pages at the end for your super hero to create her/his “super self”!

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