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I grew up in a household of storytellers and readers. No matter what I am doing, stories always seem to form in my head.


A lot of my writing comes to me while I am out walking, riding horseback, working in the garden or playing with the grandkids.

The Truth behind Fiction:
Fiction reveals facts about the world around us. Stories tell us about life through characters, settings and themes. Truthful fiction uses research, not only about places and events, but also about psychology and emotions. Some of this research comes from well-chosen sources; some of it comes from experience.
When I was writing Buried, I did a lot of research on prisons. For both Buried and Conspiracy, I picked farmers’ brains (including my own) about farming. As well, I studied the stages of grief and loss, so that I could walk with Tera through anger, self-blame, guilt, acceptance and resolution. 
The purpose of story is to make sense of life, to understand the Human Condition.  That’s why I write. 


Dog in Farm
Three Horses

Ruth Chorney lives on a farm north of Kelvington, Saskatchewan, with her husband of more than 40 years.


A retired educator, she has never retired from farming. Chorney loves reading, writing, horseback riding, gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.


She has published 5 children’s books (four in English, one in French), has a regular column in the Gardener magazine, and has had poetry published in The Fieldstone Review and Linedance. Her work also appears in publications by the Tisdale Writers Group.


Her novels include "Haunted" (2023), "Conspiracy" (2020), and "Buried" (2018).

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