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High Plains Book Awards Finalist 2019

BURIED - A Novel


Tera Jones McAllen is in prison for murdering her husband Tom. Although convicted by a jury of her peers, Tera claims innocence.


And no body has been found.


As Tera talks to a reporter named Sue, the story unfolds, weaving seamlessly between the present and the past: Tera’s experiences as a farm wife in northeastern Saskatchewan over the past 20 years.

This is more than a murder mystery. It is a love story, a story of betrayal and disillusionment, and a statement about rural life. 

Told in the pragmatic voice of Tera, 'Buried' is a testimony to the resilience of rural women.

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A Novel

From an Auction Sale in April to a Fall Supper in October, this novel brings to life one summer of rural situations and relationships. 


Joel Weston and his wife Krissy, who moved to the farm five years ago, experience the complexities of rural life and struggle with the consequences of their choices.

When Joel meets Grace, an eighty-year-old farm woman, picking mushrooms in the forest, they form an unlikely alliance, supporting each other through difficult times.

As the story develops, the characters deal with the difference between letting life make decisions for them and saying “yes” to their destinies.

And, by the way, “You can eat all mushrooms, some only once.”

Conspiracy feedback from readers...

Read a review of Conspiracy at the SaskBooks review website:

More Reviews:

“I couldn’t put it down until I found out what happened to Joel, Krissy and Amanda!”
    --G. F., Dundurn, Saskatchewan

“I finished reading Conspiracy and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it...Second efforts sometimes pale in comparison to the first, but that was not the case here…I love your characters. They are the folks that one is liable to meet at the Co-op, the Harvest Supper, or in front of the town post office…Bringing Tera back into the story was a great idea.

The rich descriptions of daily farm life, farm operations, and the natural environment were powerful and enlightening. You showed us that there is much involved with operating and surviving on a modern farm. There is no need to travel back in time to the frontier in search of excitement and adventure as there is plenty here in the new west…

Finally, you kept your readers in suspense right to the very end of the story. I truly enjoyed reading each page and looked forward to discovering what might happen next.”

    --John A., Edmonton Alberta

“Thank you for writing this story just for me! I was feeling homesick for Saskatchewan.”

    --C.M., Kamloops, British Columbia

“I love that you tied in characters from Buried. What’s next in the Deer Creek series?”
    --Dennis A., Yellowknife NWT

“I felt this novel was the story of an alternate reality of my own life. There but for fortune...”

“I couldn’t put it down.”

“Many stories are told with a Saskatchewan background. This is the first I have read that captures the geography and people of the northeast of the province.”

“I see this as a screenplay.”

“It’s a page turner!”

“The setting, the characters and the story are all very local. I felt I knew these people and they might live in my home town.”
 “I learned so much about farm life. I had no idea farmers worked so hard or that they were so dependent on the weather. So many things can go wrong!”
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